Overly sensitive

29 May 2019

I am sure I am not alone when people like us react to upset and change in an overly sensitive way. The reason I write this is that having been in an administrative role in a care environment for some while now, a person I recommended to join our organisation has been elevated to a senior role. This was done without my consultation.

I only found out today that this person who has only been at the organisation only a short time is now senior to me and earning more money. My manager informed me without consultation and I spent the whole discussion crying buckets. I could not stop the tears flowing. I felt snubbed and of little worth. I told him that I was not over reacting, just that anyone would have reacted like this.

Am I alone in reacting to things like this? I do not think so. Having had depression all my life, I react to change and being overlooked in this way with over sensitivity and a feeling of low self worth. I cannot help it but I have to embrace it because it is my feelings coming out and they should not be contained.

Hey ho, hopefully something positive will come out of this albeit I feel exhausted with emotion. If any of you out there feel like me, give yourself a hug and eat something yummy, but above all rise above it and give yourself a pat on the back. It is not your fault. You are special, emotionally sensitive and a human.

Love and hugs.

Miss Dove xx

A Moodscope member.

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