9 Jul 2018

"Lord, why did I ever have children?", I said silently to myself as I attempted to be UN negotiator. My two were tearing chunks out of each other and the air was blue.

Parenting can involve enormous highs and lows. I am just experiencing the start of parenting teenagers who are going through their own emotional rollercoaster. Add into the mix a sporty, lively alpha male 10 year old and it doesn't take much to imagine that it's quite a potent combination.

Parenting when also suffering from mental health problems has additional challenges. Tonight felt like an epic fail... I lost my tether and ended up screaming in frustration. I've had two challenging days at work, the uncertainty of a restructure and with my first Fathers' Day looming without my Dad, it all seems overwhelming.

So what can I tell myself that makes me feel better? Both children do well at school, and behave. They save misbehaviour for me!! We managed two family events at the weekend with both myself and their Dad, despite not being together.

So one sidled up to me on the sofa later and gave me a cuddle when I had a cry about missing Dad. They have a lot of emotional intelligence. They have had to and I try to teach resilience, although not my own personal strength.

As for me I took some spare medication, picked some red currants and made a cup of tea....

So to those who are parents or grandparents, what are your tips for dealing with kids when you are having an 'off' day or your mental health is not at its best?


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