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17 Dec 2022

Calm down; don’t get too excited.

I know it’s the Christmas party season but this invitation is a bit different. I have arranged the venue and the party theme but there are one or two acceptance conditions.

Oh, I nearly forgot - it’s free!

You may have guessed I am talking about a virtual party. The logistics of arranging a F2F international gathering are beyond my capabilities!

Now, the important part - the party theme. This may seem a little strange but I want to hold an anxiety party!

Please do not concern yourself with what to wear or what to bring. All I am asking for is a short piece of writing on the subject of ‘anxiety’. Just a few sentences will suffice. Please draw on your own experiences or those of others.

Personally I have only been troubled by Anxiety since March 2020. Following my mental meltdown A & D (Anxiety and Depression) were regular features of my poor MH. It is quite normal in certain circumstances to feel anxious but it becomes disconcerting when the A feeling appears almost subconsciously for no particular reason. Many people suffer with GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder).   

So how do we manage A? I have used ‘manage’ because there is no magic cure. As with many MH conditions I think we need to accept its presence and then take action. I find two of the best A soothers are a walk in nature and listening to music. You may have your own ideas. 

A few months ago a friend lent me ‘The Comfort Book’ by Matt Haig. It contains his thoughts on many MH issues and he writes about A:

“Curiosity and passion are the enemies of A. Get curious about something outside of me eg. music, art, film, nature, conversation, words. Find a passion as big as your fear. The way out of your mind is via the world.”

I am hoping we can have a good chat about A and develop some ideas to help living with this MH condition. 

Please let me know whether you wish to join in. Unless there are at least 12 acceptances I shall not be supplying food and drink! 


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