Passing the blame

14 Oct 2020

A couple of things have been annoying me recently. Well, many things annoy me to be fair...

But I have been thinking a lot about people who blame others, to make themselves feel better or let themselves ‘off the hook’.  

I wonder, do they even realise they are doing it?

I have a good example, but if I write it here, I probably won’t send the blog.

So I will keep it simple.  

Have you ever been to blame unjustly?

Been ‘used’ in a sense, by the other person, as they pass the blame.

I’m not really thinking of relationships as such, as we could be here all day, if we did the blame game with them.

I’m eager to find out from other members, have you ever been a ‘victim’ of the blame game?

Or perhaps you play the blame tool and pass the issue onto somebody else?

Maybe not even realising it?

I’ve never been one to blame others so I’m out of the latter.

Maybe I’m too astute for the former!

So wrapping things up, I hope you can relate to my blog and tell me what experiences you may have had with the ‘blame game’.

Molly xx

A Moodscope member.

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