Permission Granted

23 Dec 2019

Very young children and very pushy people share a behaviour in common – they act without asking permission. I don't approve of rude people, but sometimes our polite 'reserve' can go too far.

As the Holiday Season descends upon us, give yourself permission to... Well, why don't you share with us all, by way of the comments, what you'd like permission to do?

I'd like permission to sleep properly and relax – in any order!

Truth is, I think we've all been programmed. We were told as a child so many times to 'ask' or even 'ask before...' that it has become a part of the automated script we run. It's a bit like me learning to put the lid down on the toilet and flush – it's on autopilot so I don't have to think about it. In a similar way, I look both ways before crossing the road. My signature is an even more powerful example of programming.

Most of our programmed autoresponders are good!

But what if we decided to tinker with our programming?

Penny said to me, years ago, "You bring out the 'Me' in 'me'!"

I love that!

Something I did or said or both 'allowed' her to be herself. I gave her permission to be Penelope.

This initially puzzled me. After all, who was I to tell her what or what not to do? It turns out that her husband crushed her free spirit. Some gentle inquiry led to a string of memories where significant people in her life had crushed the 'She' in 'her'.

I keen to discover whether you'll let me be an influential authority figure in your life. If I said, "Be yourself... you have my full permission and blessing!" would that help?

If not, find someone who you do respect, and get them to give you permission to do whatever it is you really want to do this Christmas – what a great gift!

And as 2020 approaches, may your 2020 vision include being the full version of you that you desire to be!

Now, who do you want to be?


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