Pesky negative thoughts…

14 Nov 2020

So, I am sitting here working on an academic piece for my studies and as is my usual pattern get easily distracted. The jobs I didn’t even know needed doing suddenly become sooooo important.

Ask many who have been in this position and the house suddenly becomes cleaner than it ever has been. Even the oven gets cleaned. I haven’t written a blog for over a year and now I must write one. I am forever curious as to why I do what I do. The fear of failure? Whatever I write won’t be good enough? There’s no point in trying as it will be rubbish?

Same old stories I have told myself over the years. But it’s not true. I have evidence now. I graduated online last week so have my right of passage. And very proud I am too. But the same feelings come back when I sit down to write. Difference is now I am aware of what is going on. So it’s still hard, but I know that I need to bat the negative thoughts away when they come as they always do. So I get out a bl***dy big bat and whack! Can’t always find the bat but at least I know what to do.

Whilst I am looking at everything else instead of focusing on task in hand (actually I’m doing really well and have nearly finished but I can’t tell you that because that would be showing off wouldn’t it and nobody likes a show off). I’m listening to the birds waking up (yes it’s early). What I used to find annoying as those noisy rooks… moan, moan, moan are actually beautiful when I sit and watch them waking up and embracing the new day. With the current world situation and facing the darker days of winter I am looking at the positives rather than the negatives. Look for the wonder and joy in the world around me. Reframe the noisy birds to the wonder of how they fly together and not crash into each other.

I am looking at what I can do rather than what I can’t (and probably didn’t do anyway).

What are your strategies for facing the next few months? Apart from checking in daily with our wonderful Moodscope of course.


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