Physical and emotional scars

7 Apr 2022

I was with a group of adults who did not know each other. The topic was people talking about accidents they had in their life and the scars they left. People were enthusiastically showing stitches on legs, scars on hands, disfiguring scars on arm and face, burn marks on feet, it gave show and tell a new meaning. Luckily the person with scar on their stomach resisted the chance to show the scar but they did describe it in all its gory detail.


It made me think that while we are prepared to share our physical scars with strangers we find it hard to share our emotions. We each have our own story and many emotional scars have helped us to grow.


If the scar brings back too many emotional experiences it can be hard to share, I have written about some of my emotional  scars in my blogs. Writing about my scars has helped me  but I don’t want to expose my physical scars.


So do you show others your physical scars?

What about your emotional scars do you tell others about them?


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