Physical things to bring comfort.

30 Aug 2015

When depression holds you up against a wall and demands your money or your life there is sometimes very little we can do. The all-encompassing iron cloak pins us down and knowing that we want not to be under it is sometimes the only thing we have. But we can put cushions around us to help the blows. Maybe something from this list will help. It's random, but even one thing from it might bring a physical comfort and from that a tiny thing might change. It's not going to make a waterfall from a trickle but when you are being held up against a wall, even a penny in your pocket is something.

1. Going somewhere high, even in the car if walks are too much. Looking down over a town or a valley can give you that feeling of rising above your problem.

2. Washing off the day – a quick bath, at any hour, can make a new start.

3. Shedding work clothes and putting on soft stuff. It's a hug in its own way and who cares if its 4pm.

4. Food – it really does help to make food an occasion. If cooking is beyond you, even a plate of your favourite nibble stuff is good. Personally: parma ham, rocket, basil oil, big mug of tea and something sweet, all on the same plate.

5. Eat that food somewhere new. In the bath. Outside. On a chair at the window with the window open. In the shed. In the car. In the hall on the floor. Anywhere but your usual place.

6. Put the pillows at the other end of the bed and sleep that way. It shows your body things can be different.

Try something. And do let me know if it helped. Or if it didn't!

Love from

The room above the garage.

A Moodscope member.

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