Playing the Active card.

15 Jan 2014

Here's the eighteenth in the series of excellent blogs by Lex covering the adjectives on the 20 Moodscope cards. Please don't forget we'd love you to add any ideas, tips, insights or advice you may have that you'd like to share with other Moodscope members that might be of help. Many thanks. Caroline.

Active – feeling full of energy. A Moodscope red card meaning a good thing! Energy must flow, and so it benefits from a focus. I love the word 'Active' because, psychologically, I'm closest to the 'Activist' preference [Activist, Pragmatist, Theorist and Reflector are the four I'm thinking of]. But I love "ProActive" more. This is the deliberate application of action and energy and passion towards a desired goal.

What would you like more of? What would you like to be more like? Whom would you like to be more like? What would you like to do? These are great Activist questions – and we've all got a bit of the Activist in us.

It's a positive orientation. I heard an account of Mother Theresa refusing to march in protest against a major World conflict. Puzzled, the campaigners asked her why she would not march. She declared that she would march with them when they marched 'for' peace, but she would not march "against" anything. 'For' and 'against' – opposite directions for one's energy to flow.

Mother Theresa understood the power of direction when taking action and being active.Play a 3 on the 'Active' card today and march for something you care about, in the direction you want to be heading. By the way, I really recommend 'marching'. When I'm fed up, I will sometimes put on my Russian winter hat and literally 'March' up to the local shops. The pace feels purposeful and powerful.

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