Please can I scream????

22 Apr 2020

Excuse me but before I start my 'blog', there is something I need to do. AAAAAaarrrrrrrrrghhhh!!!

That feels better. If I did that in the middle of the street or in the supermarket, it will get me strange looks and comments of ‘Oh look, she can't cope or what is the matter with her?' and if I do it in my house, I only have my teddy bears to 'listen' or a nosy neighbour!

So how are you all doing? Going stir crazy? I know I am but then these are not 'normal' times. Almost as soon as the PM said 'stay home for the next 3 weeks' my heart rate went up and I felt anxiety/fear & worry. I also had to remember to 'breathe'. I looked at all the 'advice' and had to learn what was fake and scare mongering and what was genuine. If you have worked out the latter, answers on a postcard please!

One thing has been bothering me. What are the rules/guidelines etc. about leaving your home? Shopping and getting medication – yep. But how about exercise? I have tried to combine exercise with going shopping – pulling my little trolley full of shopping back up the hill constitutes good exercise. However there are those who for whatever reason seem to flout the rules. Does it bother me? Yes – Should it bother me? No. What do you think?

Now the lock down has been extended by a further 3 weeks. I'm not surprised – the number of people I've heard saying, well once the lock down has ended we'll be able to get back to 'normal'. What is normal? I met a lady on my walk yesterday, and we both agreed, normal may not happen. Things are going to be different but we will come through it.

I end this blog with the following:- Over the last few days, we've all seen the news about Captain Tom Moore. What a star, What a Gent – doing his daily walk around his garden, raising all that money for the NHS. This guy is fantastic, as is his family. Sir, I salute you! When I see and hear about this Gentleman, any problems or worries I have, just seem to fly out of the window.

Stay safe everyone xxxx


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