Poetry in Motion (Nearly)

1 Jul 2022

Okay, brain in gear, thinking cap on, I need to write another Post. What about?


I love sixties music and I adore the natural world outside. But I have done those already. Okay how about a poem. I never liked ‘serious’ poetry at school, I found it boring. But it is something different so I will give it a try.


“Flowers for each of the four seasons

Loving thoughts for all the right reasons”


Oh dear, a grinding halt. Is that my fault?


I obviously need a lot more time to compose some poetry so I will concentrate on just the two lines I have written:


The first line (flowers) seems fairly easy:


Spring: The golden daffodil (can’t compete with Wordsworth)


Summer: The majestic form and colour of a rose.

Autumn: The brightness of the long lasting dahlia

Winter: The snowdrop, all green and white, I suppose.


The second line (loving thoughts) is not so straightforward. There are so many different types of loving thoughts.

The title of this Post is of course an old sixties record by Johnny Tillotson. It contains many examples of loving thoughts such as this verse:


Poetry In Motion

Dancing close to me

A flower of devotion

A swaying gracefully  


A bit ‘corny’ but it conveys the loving message.


Perhaps the most difficult love is to love yourself. Simply being kind to yourself can be difficult. Why are we so hard on ourselves? Is it simply a case of learning some self compassion? 


Perhaps we need to cultivate and sometimes prioritise the relationship we have with ourselves. Here are some ideas of how we may go about that;


- Say “no” a lot more.


- Realise we have flaws and embrace them whilst acknowledging we are human.


- Refuse to allow our shame narratives that tell us we are not good enough.


- Regularly show self gratitude.


- Laugh at ourselves.


- Ask for help.

- Practice what we preach.


Raychelle Cassada Lohmann a Mental Health Counsellor studied self care/love and came up with ways of starting to live a compassionate life of self care. Here are a few of her ideas:


1. Do what you love and love what you do. Identify some talents or activities you enjoy and do them. Even a short time is good.


2. Embrace the special moments. Place the noise of   everyday living in the background and focus on the present moment.


3. Celebrate your victories. When you have finished a task give yourself a few moments to appreciate your achievement.


So there you have it

Not very poetic

But the best I could do

Another Post

From me to you.


A Moodscope member.

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