Pop goes the weasel

23 Jan 2022

I sit looking at this page. What on earth to write? 


Each year brings me a similar pattern. An adrenalin fuelled December, followed by a January and February slow-motion crash. At least now I can see it. I took on two extra ‘children’ in December and there was wider-family illness. There was also a broken oven just before Christmas day (I hosted). It didn’t feel that I was depleting myself - it was fun, I had my friend adrenalin helping me! 


Yep. I depleted myself. And that friend skulked off. 


Sitting in an exam this week, supporting a student, I knew that my body and mind were behaving mechanically - almost clunking clockwork, rather than automatic. It’s time to slow down but, for me, this means not having less to do, but more that I need silence, alone, and no clock to nag me. Then I can still work and function perfectly well. Few understand and it is hard to get what I keenly need. 


Have you slid a little post-festivity? Is there an adrenalin link? You might read flatness in my words, it will pass. And it is important not to shy away from flatness. 


Be well my friends. 


Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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