Pop wood inth door...

19 Apr 2019

As time goes on, I'm better able to remember Mum and Dad with a smile and reminisce the happy times, I'm grateful for this. Another very interesting aside to my journey of accepting what is and moving forward, is that my memory is coming back... I'm very grateful for that too.

When my parents first passed I was aware that my memory, even of things that were [I thought] fixed firmly in the forefront of my mind, was poor. I couldn't remember names of friends who were close to us as a family, and I would panic if they too had passed; meaning I would never be able to remember them again, and it felt like I was losing even more of Mum & Dad...

Anyway the upshot is, as I'm healing, my memories are returning, and I couldn't be more chuffed.

Which brings me on to the reason for this blog ("at last" I hear you cry :o) )

One of the things I love to remember are all my Mum's sayings – she had many bless her. I thought I would share a few with you; I hope you will share yours too.

How many do you recognise?

How many do you use?

How many would you like translated? haha

Chin up chuck, the sun's always shining, even if it is above the clouds

Pop wood inth door

Going round the wreakin


Stop chunttering

Got to eat a peck of muck before ya die

Daffy drops & snow dillies


Aye, I reckon so

Where there's muck there's money

You know what thought did?... followed a muck cart & thought it was a wedding

Stop ditherin'

By 'eck it's black over our Bill's mothers


Creaking gate lasts the longest

Don't meet trouble half way

Oh it's early yet, sun hasn't had time to warm the road

What ya werritin' about?

There's enough blue up there to make a sailor a pair of trousers

It'll be ok as long as the wood worm keep holding hands

I'm not a green as I'm cabbage looking

... to name but a few!

And finally: Mum used to regularly call in on many elderly neighbours, she'd chat or shop for them; generally be that someone they always looked forward to seeing. One of those ladies had the most amazing window boxes which she took such pride in. Every year she'd ask Mum to "Keep an on her Perculiars" she loved her colourful Perculiars (petunias) bless her.

I feel quite passionately that, wherever possible, we must keep these wonderful sayings alive. By so doing, it means our loved ones never die...

As a post script to my Mum's gems - on Mothering Sunday (how poignant) my hubby found a note written by her, in some old papers. It said "To live on in the hearts of those we leave behind is not to die"

I would like this last message from Mum to be our 'thought for the day' if I may...?


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