Prawn ’n coptail crisps

30 Jul 2022

On Saturdays when we were wee, my brothers and I would frequently stay at my granny’s (tiny) house as my parents worked. It was a fun time - neglected in a good way we’d invent games from whatever we could find.  Hide in wardrobes, play with old shoes, sometimes skitter about the kitchen making scones. 

When the ice cream van came round it was a big deal, we didn’t get ice cream van visits where we lived! The novelty of all the kids running to queue would never become old.

Mr granny’s favourite crisps were prawn cocktail flavour which I always thought were called prawn ‘n coptail. We’d get a bag of crisps each and a bottle of fizzy juice to share. What a treat!

Every time I see that flavour of crisps, even all those years later, it sends me back to that happy time. It’s a restful place to visit.

Just for a moment today, feel free to take a little rest time. Perhaps a little trip into a childhood memory like this one… and if you’d like to tell me about it then it will become an extra rest for me too.

Love from

The room above the garage

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