Pressure: pain, panic or productive, power

7 Jul 2022

There are many types of pressure in our lives.

Pressure to:

Complete assignments for study

Finish work on time

Meet deadlines

Look younger as we age

Be beautiful

Lose weight

Exercise daily

Fit in

do and be many other things.

Some people thrive on pressure, and some are overwhelmed and some of us may feel both depending on our moods.

When I was in my late teens and manic, I would leave my essays till the night before. I would prepare by having lots of treats mainly chocolate, stay up all night and hand in my issue by the 9am deadline. This worked until I was so high I did not even bother with handing in work as I knew everything!!

When I was depressed, I would plan weeks before but could barely mange a few hundred words for a 1500 essay.

Now I am older sometimes deadlines work for me and sometimes I feel so pressured I get upset. I know friends who say they would not be productive without the pressure of a due date. One relative told me she feels pressure to perform as a public speaker, it gives her confidence and power and the audience expectations help her to give her best.

Other people feel the pressure to lose weight, be a great mother, do further study and other pressures that make them panic and nervous to make decisions. Does pressure make you panic or feel pain, or does it make you feel powerful and productive? Why or why not?


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