22 Jul 2019

The last four weeks have been so stressful:

My father in law became ill and died... that's high on the stress factor scale.

Then my dog got attacked by two Rottweilers leading to an emergency trip to the vet to treat puncture wounds...

Then extra childcare whilst my ex was away...

Then work at its busiest...

Then getting ready for my most adventurous holiday ever...

Then abuse from the parent of one of my daughter's fellow school pupils. Not an unpleasant word. Really vitriolic hammering...

And lots of things fell to pieces. Planned healthy eating was replaced by daily trips to the supermarket. The fun planned things like a Book Group meeting with cake and cava got ditched.

And this morning Super Mum cracked. I couldn't stop crying.

So Queen's song 'Under Pressure' is the soundtrack for the last few weeks.

And what have I done? I have stopped. I have put my foot down and said 'enough is enough'. I cancelled a social engagement tonight and am snuggled with the dog watching an innocuous quiz show and drinking squash.

And it feels pretty damn good...


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