Preventing and reducing the liability of depression…

28 Jul 2021

The following is a very simple method of diluting the effects of Bipolar/Depression.

These four traits cover our constitution, they are essential for a sane mind and a positive persona...

1. Physical

2. Mental

3. Emotional

4. Spiritual

PHYSICAL - Exercising the body moderately, a half hour walk a day, or a half hour swim, or a half hour bike ride is sufficient to get our system oiled adequately. (Running wears out the knees...future knee replacement candidate) No need for an expensive gym.

MENTAL - Exercising the mind moderately, doing a crossword or Suduko, arithmetic of sorts, writing a journal each day of the events in life that are good to keep ourselves in-tune... keeping our minds occupied.

EMOTIONAL - Preventing ourselves from contention of any sort. The main key is to train ourselves never to become offended by anything or anyone - Not becoming a doormat because this encourages the perpetrator to use and abuse our kindness, giving others the power to use and abuse us over and over again. This attracts and builds self-confidence.

SPIRITUAL - Whether you believe in God or not, many believe there is a power beyond reason that governs the way we live our lives....

A selfish, Self-centred attitude prevents both minor and major miracles happening in our daily life. But a kindness in recognising others in need has a double action, on the one hand it lifts the other person’s spirits, and in so doing we see the smile and gratitude of the person. And on the other hand this has an amazing effect upon our mental wellbeing, it brings a ‘brightness of hope' into our life.

These are the four elements necessary in life to feel fulfilled. It separates the conscious from the sub-conscious mind...

Control over the sub-conscious mind is vital. Remove just one of these four traits and we struggle with all that each day brings. All four together give us that elixir of life, that inner peace and inner happiness necessary to feel balanced.


My brother is a very negative man, he always comments on the way I live life because I'm singing and enjoy each moment in a positive way, never giving up on anyone or anything, persistent until all is resolved.

Serious problems rear their ugly heads - dealing with them - facing up to them immediately is vital. Procrastination is not on my agenda. It is the only sure way to avoid ruminating. Keeping both mind and body active sees us through all our trials.

I appreciate rising to this level requires dedication and persistence, training and changing the way that our childhood has ‘governed’ us thus far.

The alternative is to continually groan about our issues. I Look forward to each day with enthusiasm, despite serious physical infirmities....

It’s time to take control of our conscious (positive mind) over our sub-conscious (negative mind).

The clouds are always grey…

But the sky is always blue… even when the clouds cover the sun!

Dave Xx

A Moodscope member.

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