16 Jul 2013

Ah yes, Pride. It's my bug-bear. No, no. Not that I am woefully arrogant and steeped in it like some vainglorious peacock, but the other way. When it comes to 'Pride' on the Moodscope cards, I always mark it zero before moving swiftly on.

The explanations have helped a bit. 'Feeling a sense of achievement', say the words. Well, there's a sense of relief if I've finished something. Maybe a slightly pleased feeling if it's good and people like it, but achievement? No.

You see, to have achieved or accomplished something requires ownership, and I never feel I can take the credit. When one of my clients turns up at a meeting, utterly comfortable and happy in clothes that really suit her (in colouring, body shape and personality) I can jokingly say "You make me very proud!", but really I am just incredibly happy that she has had the confidence to take my professional advice and run with it. She's done herself proud, not me.

If I make a beautiful birthday card for somebody, or create a fabulous celebratory cake or even write an article that people like to read, it's just using the talents I was born with, I did nothing to earn them. How can I be proud of that?

On the other hand, it would be shameful and a dreadful waste, not to use those talents, not to practise them and to hone them so it gets easier and easier to get a good result, and give that result to the world. Yes, I can understand the potential shame, so maybe I should revisit this pride thing.

Is there something that you do well? That you know you do well, but for which you are reluctant to take the credit? Just think about the vacancy that would exist if you didn't do it – because nobody else can do it quite the way you do (and I feel a song coming on there). It's alright to claim it, to accept the praise of others. Like an Oscar winner, you can always thank "everyone who made it possible" in your turn.

So, given that this particular blog was more difficult to write than most, do I feel a sense of achievement about it? Well, maybe, just a little. Would that be a '1' then? Well, better than a zero, isn't it?

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