Purring and wagging.

24 May 2013

Theory has it that some of us are cat people, others dog people. Though of course it's possible you are neither, nonetheless I think there's something to be learned from our furry friends. As I write this, I do so with a small black moggy curled up under my desk lamp. Sunbathing, or so it seems, but without the Factor 15.

Arguably, because they're less intelligent than us humans – they have, so I understand, smaller brains – both cats and dogs seem more inclined to live in the moment. A cat is happy: it purrs. A dog wants you to throw a ball: it comes running up, wagging its tail. Neither creature (unless I'm missing something) is worried about work on Monday, or an argument they had last week with a feline or canine chum. They just are as they are.

Hungry, playful, growly, hot, sleepy. They express it, and move on.

There's a lot to be said for living this way. Put simply, too much living in the past, we can end up maudlin at best, depressed at worst. And too much living in the future can make us anxious and scared.

So today, how about channelling some kitty or canine laissez-faire? Give yourself permission not to worry so much about what's gone before or what's coming up in the next few days or weeks. After all what's done is done, and what will be will be. Regretting one or fretting about the other won't change either.

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