Puzzles, patience and people…

2 May 2023

Since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2016, I’ve been seeking support in making sense of the symptoms and deal with it better. Let’s start with the unfortunate lack of support from the healthcare system - mental health. I have had limited progress with all the self-help I could muster the energy for and brain fog would allow. I’m ironically trying to accept that mental health support is not ever coming and so glad I still have my sense of humour!

It’s a known shift in research that the mental, emotional and physical all effect on one another. In my experience, few up-to-date healthcare professionals seem to understand this, but those that do, have non-existent resources, making their services inaccessible to the majority. The mental health care system can only provide for the most desperate psychotic or suicidal related cases I’m repeatedly told. I take it as a complement! But I also worry I’m heading there anyway so why not prevention rather than cure?! Is it just the unhelpful thinking patterns I have no guidance for, that are rearing their ugly head that makes me think that?

My doctor recently tested a theory of rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis, (I was lucky it was proved incorrect), but the relief I felt when I read how much support I would get for exactly the same symptoms and the potential to improve functionality to get back to living instead of fighting for survival was insane! I almost wanted to be diagnosed with it!

If you’re like me and believe everything happens for a reason, then stick with hope and believing in yourself because although I’m still wading through the treacle of my puzzle, some pieces have fitted and I’ve kept my head above water. So, I finish with the fortunate people that have seen me, understood me AND helped me instead of just passing me around like I’m not worth helping or someone else’s problem. They are gold.

The successful part of the jigsaw relates to the physical. The improvements I have made have had a positive impact on my mental and emotional wellbeing these past years (whilst waiting for the mental and emotional support pieces to follow). These are my angels: psychomotor physio therapists, Chinese acupuncturists, experienced yoga instructors (who have been on a similar journey) and kinesiologists. Don’t be afraid of holding on to these precious souls, keep them in mind once treatment is over, refer back to the notes you made under treatment so you can try something you forgot or even see how far you came because you have progressed past those points of help. Ask them for a repeat of treatment, additional help or referrals in the future as your situation takes its journey.

As long as there’s always someone else to ask for support, there’s always hope in finding another piece of the puzzle to help you on your way. The Moodscope family has supported me by validating me, I feel less alone and you inspire me.

So this is my first blog as a regular joe who just wants to give something back to say thank you for supporting me. I remind myself often that the sky is blue and the sun is shining on me even when the clouds get in the way!

The dog lover

A Moodscope member 

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