Questions that may change your mind

8 Sep 2023

"Millions saw the apple fall, but Newton was the one who said why."

Bernard Baruch

As moodscopers know I like asking questions but when has a change been made by asking a question that no one else asked.

Think about a time when we carried heavy luggage until someone thought why not try wheels.

A close friend found her birth family when a doctor asked her about her young sons illness and asked about it occurring in her family. She had no idea so she started looking for her birth mother. Alas she had died but she found a sister. That changed her life.

Sometimes it can be a simple question. Do you fidget a lot? Are you easily distracted?, was asked by a school counsellor of my neighbour. He got help when everyone had labelled him as a troublemaker.

I am asking you to think of a question you were asked that affected you in some way could be in a small way or maybe life changing.

Maybe you asked a question which changed someone’s day, opinion, or life.

A mum had told me her 20-year-old had gone from studying for a masters to spending all the time alone in his room on the computer. She was worried he may not finish his studies, I said was she worried about this change in behaviour and his isolation in his dark room? She thanked me for asking this and he started getting help for his mental health.

Sometimes one can ask a question and be criticised for being insensitive or impersonal. There is a risk no matter how careful one is.

Moodscopers I would like you share a question from history, from your family from your experience that you or someone asked or a question you were asked and how it changed things for you.


A Moodscope member

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