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10 Feb 2023

I am sorry for those who thought I was going to write about favourite recipes. If I was to share a recipe it would have one ingredient!

Back to the blog.

I saw a pack of recipe cards and I wondered why we have recipes and directions for cooking meals but we don’t have recipes for life.

I thought wouldn’t it be great to come up with recipes and directions for life’s simple and more complex problems.

Recipes used to be passed down from generation to generation. Now we rely on the internet for our answers,

I don’t want to google responses but I would like people to write a recipe topic and instructions and others may also provide instructions…

A couple of recipes for life:

The lighter side pie.

How do you see the lighter side of things rather than being stressed?

Adult children appreciation.

Instructions for adult children to understand their parents have valuable life experience even if we don’t know what TikTok is.

So your turn. Is there a recipe for life you want but don’t have the instructions?


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