15 Jan 2015

How do I get back,

How do I breathe again.

How do I become self-repectful,

How do I feel sane?

From the darkness of day,

From my ever running mind.

From those self harm thoughts,

From a heart that is blind.

Blind to the kindness,

Blind to the care,

Blind to my own soul,

How can I dare?

To wake in the moment,

And feel I can live.

Not lie with ruminations,

Thoughts run through a sieve.

Not feel I can rise,

For fear of the day.

Or open my eyes,

And see the sun's rays.

Or battle to stand under,

The cleansing shower's streams.

But feel an awakening,

And feel what it means...

To enter the day happily,

To want to move out.

Into the rich world,

With a loud joyous shout.

How do I get past,

Those self harm thoughts?

How do I find balance,

And get past those 'oughts'?

I am caught in my head,

I am imprisoned inside,

Everything hurts me,

I have no real pride.

I got a glimpse yesterday,

Of how life could be.

Then I get frustrated,

Frustrated at me.

I fell back down,

And felt helpless again.

Now I can't see,

Through the wind and the rain.

Yet I know the sun is out there,

I know others can see,

The light that I'm seeking,

The light that is me.

I must keep moving,

I must find that step.

That gets me through one day,

To step into the next.

Each of us has,

Our own way in life.

For some it may be easy,

For others it's strife.

Frankie looks to the sky,

For that blue breaking through.

Where do you look,

For that breakthrough for you?

Step now out there,

A little further today.

Step, PUSH on through,

Find your own way.


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