Remembering What You're Made Of.

26 Dec 2015

Have you ever noticed that one of the elements of depression is a sickening obsession with your own inner world? It's like you can't bear to be inside your head but you're equally too terrified to leave it and look outward.

Well maybe looking at yourself like this today might just help to shift that balance somewhat:

Have you ever considered that every single particle inside your body has been in existence for billions of years? Look at your skin. It was once part of a star, far, far from here, in another place and time. Those particles are taking a momentary rest in a you-shaped part of the universe before moving on to become soil, daisies and in the future, perhaps even more stars.

The gift you have now is the life-long lease of your own special part of the universe. It's one little bit of it that's all yours, and when you're gone, the stuff that was previously you will slowly scatter throughout the galaxies. Particles don't die. They just mutate and migrate.

With this so called ownership of our particles the human condition brings us both shame and pride alike. We are tenants bearing a great responsibility for our homestead. We understand that what we do with it affects not only our own plot, but everything around it. Sometimes the responsibility can get too much.

What if you were to make it your purpose, with this gift, to tread a life long journey along the Learning-To-Live-Better road? Arriving at Destination Perfection is not the aim. Continually moving forwards along that road is. Always remember that you are an everlasting work in progress. Just like the universe you are a part of.


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