Remote Control.

6 Jun 2016

How annoying is it when we can't find something?

It's so hard to feel settled and relaxed if something that I need isn't in it's usual place.

I sometimes think it'd be great to have a remote control to help me find what I'm searching for.

The thing is, it's the remote control that tends to go walkabout!

For smartphone users it probably won't be long before we can simply ask "Hey Siri where are my keys?" (other smartphones are available!) Then a little GPS would locate them (using a very clever photo and finger print matching system of course;) and ping! Problem solved!

My phone goes missing less these days, because if it had hips we'd be joined. Wait, scrap that idea, unless it would be able to help with clothes, paper and everyone else's belongings in the house including socks forget it! I refuse to allow an object to replace my memory, as well as my organisational skills! It may look like chaos, but I usually know exactly which pile it's in!

The time factor usually makes things worse for me. It's when I'm in a hurry that losing something is most frustrating. When I finally accept that I've hunted everywhere, traced and retraced my steps and asked everyone (only to be helpfully be reminded to retrace my steps... and breathe!) I give up, knowing that it will turn up in the oddest place, long after I've shouldered the cost and inconvenience of replacing the thing.

I wonder if it's the feeling of not being in control of something that normally is in my control, that bothers me so much? I've heard people say that they are super organised so as to feel in control.

Not feeling in control of my emotions has been something I've struggled with. I'm not hard on myself about it anymore though, I simply am a person who feels very deeply, so being in control of my feelings has been harder work for me. Being in control of and able to express strong emotions seems to be a bit easier without the pressure of trying to fight them.

We can't be in control of others, but how fabulous would it be to turn down the volume or switch to another channel sometimes!

Joking aside, taking control of my wellbeing has been an enormous relief. I struggled too long trying to be content, because I felt I ought not to want or rely on anything or anyone external. (I don't mean for help though, please bring on the help!).

I know that the same is not true for everyone, but I definitely feel more comfortable for now and that I can get on with life's ups and downs without that deep down gut feeling that things are not right for me.

Is there something that is within your control to find, but something else that is holding you back?

LillyPet xx

A Moodscope member.

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