Rest and Be Thankful

10 Oct 2022

“Rest and be thankful,” was the name of a hole on Dorking Golf Course when I was a teenage golfer. It had a steep incline from the Tee to the Green, and the Green, where one may rest and be thankful, had charming views over the rolling Surrey countryside.

Its name came back to me this morning (Sunday) when I could hear, through the bathroom window, the sounds of the young footballers and their supporters up at the Recreation Field. I was resting, having a relaxing shower, after a few hectic days… and I was thankful.…I was thankful for the volunteers that help make the junior football possible for the youngsters to enjoy. They will have little idea of how much time and effort goes into providing the couple of hours of sport that they take for granted.

Our church is the home to Uniformed Organisations such as Rainbows, Beavers, and Scouts, all of whom would have little idea of the time and effort that goes into the activities the volunteers arrange and manage on their behalf. But I am thankful for that provision.

Last night, I played my own role in a Murder Mystery fundraiser at the same Church. I was not guilty of the crime (though I was most certainly not innocent!) The play’s success would have been impossible without the help of a large team of volunteers who generously invested their time and their talents. Beyond the obvious front-of-house actresses and actors, there were others who took responsibility for sound and for printing and for creating a meal for 60 guests that we had rave reviews for. ‘G’ was a friend from my business network, with a career history as a professional chef before going into telecoms. He even recruited and brought with him his own team. I was so touched that he put days of work into this, and tapped into his own network for support too. Let me reassert - the food was amazing. I am thankful and grateful.

The play was way too much for me – days of work and nights of worry. It was so lovely to be able to rest and be thankful, knowing that so many had shared the burden of responsibility and delivery.

I would like to give you space to pause, to rest, and to be thankful for some of those who have taken a load off your mind, or off your shoulders. If it is appropriate, it would be great to hear about them in the comments. Gratitude is the perfect partner, complementing rest. Let us rest and be thankful together.


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