Rest or roam?

29 Jul 2016

Sometimes when I am struggling with my mood, battling with it like a surly umbrella on a windy day with rain, I can't decide what I need. I lurch from one thing to the next achieving absolutely nothing of worth. My spaghetti brain has so many trails it's like trying to chase 100 marbles. I'm putting my best 50p on it that you do similar...


Ask yourself:

Does my head need to rest or roam?

Does my body need to rest or roam?

The chances are your head and your body will need different things.

If your head needs to rest, perhaps it will get that if you allow your body to roam. Maybe walking, running, going on your bike, swimming, yoga, grabbing your loved one for a dance... moving of any kind might give your head its rest. Although I have yet to fall in love with it, I am still in training at the gym, it is a time my head just cannot keep on splurging but instead goes quiet in concentration.

And if your body needs to rest, maybe you can allow your mind to roam. Sit down and allow your body to be physically still by learning something, maybe reading the instructions to something you've meant to for a while, or reading up on something that has been waiting. I often use this time to sort through computer files and organise my camera downloads. It means if I have nothing to give physically I can still feel I have achieved.

Fancy the see-saw anyone?

Love from

The room above the garage.

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