Rip it up and start again.

15 Dec 2017

When I was little I loved to draw stuff even though I am no artist but if I made a mistake on my nice new clean sheet of paper I could not tolerate it and I would screw the paper up and start again. If only real life was so easy.

We all make mistakes as we grow up and become adults. Others may make mistakes in how they treat and relate to us. Sometimes life goes through phases when everything feels like one big mistake. I know. I experienced a lengthy period of depression twenty years ago when my own life felt just like that and which felt like it would never end. But the important thing I think is to realise that life does indeed go through phases. Some are good. Some are bad. Some are short. Some can be very long. Sometimes we get stuck in them and they feel very painful and out of our control or alternatively we can become so familiar with them that we accept them even if they make us feel very uncomfortable.

But do we have to ?... or do we have the power to rip things up and start again?

Do we even want to start again or are we resigned to what we have created or had thrust upon us or even secretly a little proud of our stuff or just don't think we have it within us to draw anything better? The art analogy is taking over !!!

Ironically my husband came to talk to me in the middle of writing this piece and when I went back to it I thought to myself... maybe this is not very good... maybe nobody will be interested in my ramblings... maybe I'd better scrap it and start again! But after giving it a little more thought I decided not to. Stuff doesn't have to be perfect. Life doesn't have to be perfect and I don't have to be perfect or even try to be perfect any more.

So you can admire the handiwork of your life, paint over it, erase bits of it, embellish it, frame it for everyone to see, be proud of what you have created, hide it somewhere or rip it up and start again. The options are many, you are the artist and the choice is yours.

In keeping with the art analogy, I myself am choosing a clean sheet today but keeping all my previous efforts, both good and bad, in a treasured portfolio... my mind.

So what will you choose to do today with the masterpiece that is your life ? I can't wait to find out!

Much love to all you moodscopers out there

Romy B

A Moodscope member.

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