Romeo, Juliet and the pizza

2 Oct 2021

I’ve learned that each teenager arrives with their own special blend of hormones. I can only describe this as ranging from some kind of instant coffee strength through to a Bruichladdich whisky. The lovely boyfriend I wrote about a few months ago has left, to live at University, at the other end of the country. My youngest daughter has been sad, we all feel it. And it’s also caused her to have lots of other feelings she’s ill prepared for. My contributions worked at other times but now, now I’m dust. I may need a Bruichladdich dram or two to help me stay steady!

I sensed my surplus and left her with a pizza thought. I explained that before, she was probably about a third of his pizza (maybe more) and he was about half of her pizza (probably more).  Now, he doesn’t like her any less, he has a hundred new things happening, and she is probably about an eighth of his pizza, could even be a sixteenth. And for her, her life hasn’t changed as much and he is still half her pizza. 

Out of my three children, she has been slower to learn all things and her overall perspective can still be narrow. It worries me a small amount, particularly as she will lose the safety net of school in a year. But I have been in those shoes and so hopefully I can keep lurking in the shadows and bounce her back in to where she needs to be. I have no idea if I can do it. But I will try. And, in any case, a narrow perspective is sometimes very refreshing as well as strong.

Anyway, my thought for us today is that pizza is quite a good way to think of our own health and balance. It’s quite a good visual, either in mind or on paper, to consider what proportions are in our lives and how they might impact the other parts. And it’s a good visual to consider what the dream pizza segment life would be. Are they running in any way similar? There may be absolutely nothing we can do about it, but just facing the reality can be enough to begin to feel differently.

I hope your Sunday is rounded and balanced, with or without pizza.  


Love from

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