Running In The Air

15 Sep 2018

It may sound impossible to you but I do run in the air.

I go to an aqua class at least three times a week in the mornings. It sets me up for the day, I get up with a purpose, organise what needs to be done at home, then set off out. I really enjoy water aerobics - the whole class following the facilitator's clear instructions, listening to the beat and singing to the words of the music which belts out. We feel like we are dancing in the water, whilst exercising and moving around at the same time. Everyone does what they can - there is no competition here.

I have done aqua aerobics for many years. I am not a fan of high impact exercise or many sports, and in fact am not very good at them to be honest. But I do enjoy aqua, and so I want to go to the class, and that is a great motivator.

Recently I have graduated onto using gym machines for strengthening exercise. I started with the stationary cycle - a few minutes then rested. Now I do 5 or 10 minutes at a stretch, and I try to do little 20 or 30 second bursts of harder pedalling. I may even go on to a few of the other machines afterwards. I particularly like the leg press which helps me firm up and strengthen my legs ready for walking. Some days all I do is the aqua class.

It works for me. I get out, meet people, have coffee regularly with friends there, chit chat, and I exercise. So I am doing my absolute best to keep as fit as I can, and age a little bit gracefully! It goes without saying, I know from personal experience, the difficulties of movement and gaining extra weight when on medication. But I am pleased to announce formally that I have just lost one whole stone, and intend to keep it off.

So, one of our aqua exercises is like running in the air. We hold the weights in either hand and suspend our bodies in the water, simulating the leg movements of running in the air. Backwards and forwards our legs go, breathing gets faster and we get fitter. And the added bonus from all this movement in the water, is that dreaming at night I can visualise myself as a light aeroplane about to take to the air from the runway. Or I might even be a long jump athlete, calmly and peacefully floating and running through the air. What fun!!


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