Running round in circles.

4 Apr 2018

"I continue my tales of canine mischief. As Spring approaches and the ice melted on the local lake, my terrier appears to go into overdrive in her hunting instinct. I keep her on the lead as we pass the ducks and geese.

This Wednesday was a stressful day at work and so at lunchtime before I left for a meeting I took the hound for a quick lunchtime walk. "Quick", did you hear me say? Oh fool, as I let her off the lead at the furthest point from the lake, she races at full throttle in the direction of the geese. I, in my wellies (a previous blog has already covered how one cannot run daintily in wellies), strides in the direction she has run.

There was no stopping her. This time she ran round the lake. Whichever direction I took she went off in the other one, and horror of horrors, decided to go into the lake, resulting in very alarmed ducks and spitting geese. I waded in but still could not retrieve her. What a game!

After 45 minutes of running round, artfully dodging my attempts to catch her, she started to ease up, exhausted by her own efforts, and eventually was caught and put back on the lead. She will not be allowed off the lead in that park for some time to come.

So what's this story of doggy mischief got to do with Moodscope, I hear you ask? As I wobbled in my wellies, in a moment of clarity, it occurred to me that chasing Ruby who was chasing waterfowl, was like trying to achieve perfection... a pretty unattainable goal. I can't pretend to be a perfectionist, as I live in a generally messy, slightly grubby home. I used to be and I know lots of perfectionists. One perfectionist friend hardly ever has friends round as the house is not tidy enough (even though you could eat your dinner off the floor). Others are unhappy with their bodies, despite having children and running half marathons.

Do you strive for perfection? My dog didn't catch a goose despite her best efforts and spent a whole lot of energy doing so. What a waste!"


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