Seeking a Hiding Place

17 Oct 2020

I had no idea how I was

going to escape.

I was considered a bit of

an escape artist. A restless spirit,

I didn’t seem contented

to be where I was.

Unable to live in the now.

I felt distinctly

Out of place; not entirely

comfortable where I was;

revisiting old places has never

proved a great idea.

I am always looking

for a safe space

where I can be accepted

for who I am;

not judged, not condemned.

Is there such a place?

I believe that it is important

to work at being;

constantly searching for that

safe place where I could

be myself.

At least, I strongly believed

others had a taste for life.

that seemed lacking in mine.

The only way to climb out

Of the hole that I have

tumbled into

is by a self-acceptance

still a work in progress.

I know the solution but

don’t always apply

what I know

to my life.

No visible symptoms, no running nose, just a head full of darkness. No fever or rash, no fractures or strains, just a longing for something; unable to explain.


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