28 May 2015

Drifting around the country,

Seeking life and fun.

I’m over my depression,

I think I’ve finally won.

It was a spiritual thing for me,

Not a lack of chemical shots.

Nor the need to work things out,

With a colourless heartless lot. (NHS)

I’ve finally got my life back,

To be the human I once was.

Before I married a twin,

And was crushed within her claws.

I now see the sunshine daily,

And feel the wind in my cheeks.

I can smell the changing seasons,

I’ve found the life that I seek.

I’m finally free to be me,

To take the time inside.

To explore what I find in there,

To turn a personal tide.

To stand on the shores I visit,

Look out on horizons anew.

To cross that chasm in one step,

But I feel we are so few.

Those that can step over discomfort,

Those that inscape each day,

Those that refuse to escape,

Where things outside hold sway.

People search for something out there,

False hope in this material world.

It will always rest constantly in here,

A personal flag unfurled.

For sure it isn’t easy,

For sure it will cause some pain,

For sure tomorrow can be dark,

Until we see we can actually gain.

A deeper insight in to me,

From a time taken to look.

To finally find my vocation,

Not look in some bloody book.

The world is moving from IQ,

That old Newtonian view.

It’s time to fully embrace EQ,

To find out who is truly you.

So step into perpetual discomfort,

And don’t seek to solve your pain.

But keep on walking that dark tunnel,

A new life through which to gain.

Responsibility for all that you do,

Not blaming something out there.

Because the only hope for my future,

Is if I constantly dare.

To become more self-aware,

And turn my needs to wants.

To understand more fully,

My dark internal taunts.

Drifting around the country,

Seeking life and fun.

I’m over my depression,

I think I’ve finally won.


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