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19 Feb 2022

Good morning; I hope you don’t need this post today but you may.

I feel fairly safe writing it because if you don’t like it I cannot accept full responsibility. I jest, as I was requested by Mary W. following her Post on 26 January (Not as bad as we thought) to write about how to react when MH matters take a really horrible turn for the worst.

You may have your own ideas but this is the mantra that I use:

Don’t panic

Stay calm


It will pass

Seek help, if necessary.

I would like to encourage you to comment on each of these:


I felt like adding “Mr Mainwaring”.

It is important to quickly acknowledge something is not right. It may be an unexpected anxious or depressive thought or a noticeable physical body change. If possible stop what you are doing, and stay calm.


Staying calm is easier if you sit down, concentrate on your breathing and close your eyes. If others are with you then simply say “I need a short time away“.


Find somewhere quiet and comfortable. Just let the feelings wash over you and diminish a little in intensity. They will pass.


“Everything passes. Joy. Pain. The moment of triumph; the sigh of despair. Nothing lasts forever--not even this” (Paul Stewart).

You know from personal experience that bad times pass and better times will return. I certainly do. During the last 2 years in particular I have managed some horrible times but they have passed.


If you are alone and feel you need some support then delve into your self help toolkit, if you have one. My two posts covered the subject of MH toolkits.

If you are with someone who understands, they can help you to stay calm, relaxed and give reassurance.


When the bad spell has receded and some kind of normality returns, don’t over analyse. It is often counter productive to set the Mind on a “Why” mission. It is probably best to give yourself some praise. You have successfully weathered the storm.

I wasn’t sure how to finish this Post. But I thought “don’t panic”. Find something light hearted, slightly humorous. No, not a joke, but I am a great fan of the humble “Pun”.

So this is what I wrote:

A pun is fun

It makes you smile

It makes you groan

Once in a while

A pun is fun

It makes you smirk

It drives you mad

And almost berserk

A pun is fun

It makes you glad

It fills with joy

The good and the bad.

It has been said there is a fine line between genius

and insanity! Don’t push me, I am close to the line!


A Moodscope member.

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