Settling sediment

20 Nov 2022

In the faces, words and actions of so many people, I can see a bone-tiredness.  That sort of tired which arrives after holding a weight for too long.  That even when the weight is put down, the feeling remains and recovery is not swift. 

I’ve been talking a little to my children about this, in a roundabout way, keeping it light, because I can see they are growing in a far heavier world that I grew in.  There is not as much carefree joy than generations before them had.  They have entered a grown-up world which doesn’t seem to offer much promise.  And I’ve tried to explain that its nothing to become too caught up in or worried over.  Let it be.  Let it happen.  Allow it. 

When we collectively braced ourselves to go through the pandemic, life was never going to settle back into the same grooves it had run along previously.  This is both a bad and a good thing.  Now we are caught up in mourning the stuff which hasn’t returned and in learning stuff which has sprung up new.  And unsettled times make for strikes and demands as people feel tense and worried.  This has been demonstrated in history and so we can take comfort in knowing the path is expected. 

My thoughts today are this – if you are somebody feeling a little despair at the state of things in general, think of it as sediment in a jar.  It has been twirled and whirled, now we are in the 'waiting as it settles back down' stage.  It will all calm again, but that never happens fast.  It takes time.  It will come.  Every moment is different.  And this is ok. 

Love from

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