Seven days of sanity.

7 Apr 2017

Trying to keep myself active when I'm feeling low is a battle, but I have a mantra in my head 'It's a walk, not a sprint' and I remember that every little helps. If I can build some exercise into my daily routine, whether it's an organised event or class or a meet up with a friend, I get up in the morning that little bit easier. These are some of the activities that give me 'Seven Days of Sanity':

• Go for a run

• Play tennis

• Take a walk

• Join an exercise class

• Do yoga

• Try a bike ride

• Dive in for a swim

• Trainers on. Don't hide under the covers. Don't stay in.

• Breath the fresh air, feel your lungs expanding, fire the endorphins.

• Do it with a friend, join a group, find your 'we'.

• Clear the mind, fight the noise and distract your thoughts.

• Aim for steps, burn the calories, take deep breaths.

• Feel the weather, smell the sweat, hear the beat of a different tune.

• Relax, no fight or flight.

You'll get there soon.


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