Sh*t happens!

4 Dec 2021

Sometimes life gives you a lemon. As a depressive I have to see if I am seeing things through a negative lens or whether things are really rubbish.

Today was really awful.  A colleague out of the blue committed suicide last Friday, my work involved supporting someone who had been physically abused by her husband and I listened to sad stories all day.Understandably the organisation I work for is shocked to the core…and I am not a counsellor.

What shall I do? I came home after a ten hour day and walked the dog, crying silently and looking at the first Christmas decorations to arrive on the estate I live on. 

I made dinner and rung friends. I ate a healthy supper. I am watching insignificant stuff on TV. The dog is at my feet and I will go to bed early-ish.

I cannot control the awful stuff that has happened but I can do some stuff to lessen the load. 

How do you cope when bad news overwhelms the good?


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