9 Sep 2017

A shadow fell across the sun the other day and the world watched in wonder.

The earths light went out for a few minutes and the birds became very still.

When the shadow had passed people turned away and carried on about their business.

Scurrying here, there and everywhere!

Shadows furiously racing to keep up with them!

Scurrying madly cramming bags full of goodies.

Scurrying home to unload the contents then forget about them.

Designer bags put away in to the shadows of their silk protective shroud.

A man living in the shadows inside a ragged sleeping bag, slumped on a street corner, hand stretched out for pity, money, anything to get by.

Shadows of faceless people passing him by.

Shadows spoiling a sunny day drifting by and resting a while over the brightness.

Shadows of dark clouds reaching out, silhouettes in the fading light.

Stretching out to become the dark of the night.

Shadows in my mind swimming around, blocking out thoughts.

Shadows in the night making me lie wide eyed listening for a creak on the stairs.

Shadows in my dreams. Screaming jumping shouting.

Then out of nowhere light blinds the shadows, thoughts race.

A coin handed with kindness to the poor man on the street corner. His smile a beacon in my heart.

Words start connecting again in my brain and I am free of the dark thing.

The shadow that tried with stealth to drag me into the blackness has gone.

The day is good and long and the Shadows for now are sleeping.


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