Sharing Pleasant Memories

14 Apr 2022

Sometimes in a world full of sadness and tragedy, I can only think of sad thoughts. It is hard to remember a time when life was happier and everything seemed rosy.

So I decided it would be helpful for us to share a memory here that still brings us joy.

A memory would be anything big or small, recent or a long time ago. We can share our memories. If you find it hard to think of something to write about that will make you smile, think about the last time you smiled or felt happy.

My thought are with all those struggling today.

My memory is about when I was about 6 years old and my parents were breeding Siamese cats, I know one cat was having kittens and I was to go and look for the kittens.

I came and told my parents there were no kittens only balls of fur. They laughed and kindly explained the balls were tiny kittens. I like this memory as it reminds me of a simpler time.

What memory will you share?


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