Singing from the Same Song Sheet

31 Jul 2022

I’ve had a lovely experience this week.

The Churches Together group in Swanage came together for a Celebratory event called, “Carnival Praise.” This was part of the famous – world famous, even – Swanage Carnival. I had the privilege of playing Bass in a very talented band representing the different denominations.

Lest you think this is a religious blog, fear not, it is not. It’s a very human blog. The different churches vary from one another to quite a surprising extent. It’s like the difference between Thai and Italian Cuisine! Both celebrate food but with very differing spices and ingredients. Both are satisfying. And both have their fans.

This is ‘Moodscope’ for me. We ‘Moodscope Users’ come from different countries, different cultures, different age groups, and different backgrounds, but like the band, we share the same Song Sheet. That common focus grants us enough in common to understand one another. And, dare I say it, gives us enough in common to ‘sing’ well together.

May I ask you, “What is your favourite of the 20 Moodscope Mood Indicators?”

It will be like asking you, “Do you prefer Italian or Thai, Indian or Chinese Cuisine…?"

We may be singing from the same Song Sheet but we all have favourites, and I’m a very curious chap!


A Moodscope member.

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