SLEWOV is “VOWELS” backwards

26 Oct 2020

If we reverse the order of the vowels in English, we get UOIEA.

This is a great initialism for moving forward with Moodscope.

U is what we’re best at: Understanding.

The scope itself, the Mood-Scope, enables us to measure and to manage the flow of moods over the month. The Moodscope community members deliver a level of mutual understanding that I’ve not experienced anywhere else. Everything, it seems, begins with understanding both who and how we are. Here, when all is well, you won’t be judged but you will be free to securely express how and what you feel. You will be understood.

O is for Opportunities. Seeing through other Moodscopers’ eyes gives us Opportunities to view the world and the condition that afflicts us from differing perspectives. This is largely healthy and can open the door to new options. Of course, you can lead a horse to water…

I is for Identify – the active part of “Identity”. Moodscope is about who we are and who we identify with, but also who we could be and who we could identify with. I believe this middle vowel is a crossroads. It is perfectly OK to stay with Moodscope for years and not shift our identity and those with whom we identify. Depression is a long-term state for the majority – for some, a life-position. But let’s just suppose you want to shift your identity and those with whom you identify? When I play with my grandchildren, they rub off on me. I feel younger for a couple of hours (until my body reminds me of my age!)

I do not see myself as a “Depressed Person” anymore – I do not identify with that. I am not “Depressed”. Now, I have dark times with a sad reaction, but not a sad response. Speaking ONLY personally, I see myself as “Jolly” as my base-position. I am naturally joyful. Thus I seek to mirror this in my dominant choice of music and company, and it seems to work and amplify my jollity by association. I want to continue to travel and transform in that direction.

To achieve this, I must find the E for “Energy”. I am a Motivational Mapping practitioner, so I now have a tool, like Moodscope, to measure motivation. I know what motivates me, but before the tool I was clear on these three daily requirements: 1) sufficient sleep, 2) expressed gratitude from others commensurate to the value I deliver, and 3) ideas. Thankfully, I’ve never been lacking in ideas. These three are the fuel for my journey to The City of Joy.

Finally, I have A for “Action”! I am a MASSIVE action-taker. Basing this on accurate understanding, recognition of the opportunities in every adversity, identifying with the new potential version of ‘me’, filling up with fuel before the journey – all these have been necessary to take successful action. And that, members, has made all the difference.


A Moodscope member.

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