Sometimes bad things happen for a reason.

21 Jun 2015

In January 2012 I was driving my van home with my wife as a passenger. We went round a bend to see a car approaching on my side of the road. The car hit us head on, another vehicle behind slammed in to the rear.

We were both taken to hospital in an ambulance in a lot of pain, our injuries were broken bones and bruises.

The following few days were awful. Both in a lot of pain and terrible flashbacks. One night I woke up with terrible pain then I collapsed, my wife phoned 999.

After further tests it came to light that I have a rare heart condition called brugada syndrome. It's better known as sudden death syndrome. The pain had brought on an arythmia. I was told there is no cure but they can fit an internal defibrillator which will stop me from leaving the planet early.

I have had my defibrillator over 2 years and have got used to it being there.

I had collapsed some years before when I was ill but the never found out why.

I was asked if any members of my family passed away young, there has been several including my sister at 34 niece 38 and many more.

I was told by one doctor I am a very lucky man to live to 58 with this condition.

I have 3 grown up children who had to be tested 2 are clear but my youngest daughter has it and she has just had a beautiful little boy and he also has inherited it.

This gets to me some days when I am feeling down. But I am well aware that diagnosed the condition is treatable but undiagnosed is life threatening.

So the moral of my story is little did I know that awful car collision ultimately saved my life and also my daughters and any future children in our family.

So I now believe that sometimes bad things happen for a reason.


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