Speedos and bikinis optional

30 Mar 2019

Hello tropical island! You are never too hot, never too cool, never filled with people, never empty, food appears by magic and it takes no time (or stress) to get there. You are abundant in stunning vistas and all the things we favour. Um. Nope. Not happening for me either.

Holidays tend to be filled with stresses of all kinds for me and so its not that which I'm talking about today. It's having a holiday from the feelings. The low mood. The high mood. The grey, the dark, the pressure, the "I cannot see anything out there for me".

I'm back to wading through a treacle lake. Its not unexpected, I will return, this time of year is repeatedly hard for me and in that there is comfort. A little like meeting an old neighbour, one you were kind of relieved to move away from.

So how do we get a little holiday from the feelings? Its different for each of us. Can you think about making a tiny space in your day. Every. Single. Day. No matter how short or how long. But just making that space appear every day to do something, ANYTHING, which allows you to be consumed and thus be unable to think about being low, or high, or anxious or stressed in any way. It's important it is all consuming.

Sometimes that is easy to find, sometimes its not. But it will give you a holiday of a kind. A space to experience something that is not the rest of the day. And within that holiday you are free.

When troubled, reading leads my mind to wander, yoga can get me angry, even showering still allows the spool of thoughts to function easily. So, for me, there must be a different angle. When I walk fast, with purpose, perhaps in a rush, I can find that freedom. When I sit with the student I support I must give all my attention to his work, and I can find that freedom. To be honest, there are not many others for me. But it can be found. We may need to work at it a little, but it can be found. Find your thing. Get in a little holiday daily, no matter how short, you will unravel even just for a short time. And there is magic in that. Things will grow.

Love from

The room above the garage

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