Spring clean

19 Mar 2019

"I find myself spring cleaning this morning. Well not exactly cleaning but decluttering. Two boxes under my bed have been sorted and books set out for the charity shop.

I have found many things of sentimental value: photos from my student days over thirty years ago, childhood books which I had hoped my kids would read (Arthur Ransome, CS Lewis, Laura Ingalls Wilder) and letters from family members no longer with us.

Now this is progress. It's not the actual cleaning itself but the act of sorting and clearing out seems to indicate the start of a new phase in my life.

The last months have been grim and I have not worked for most of this year. This has left me waking every morning with a day without much structure. If it weren't for the dog I am not sure I would have bothered to get up or get dressed. Fortunately she has made me do that!!

But finally with time, increased medication and a belief that I can and will heal, I am starting to come to terms with some of the things that have made me sad and plan for a different future.

I'm not going to say all is rosy. Things are still up in the air with work but I can see a little more clearly.

My "spring cleaning" has allowed me to work our what's important to me, face some really difficult issues like the fact I hate my current job and start working out what on earth I must do.

So try it... just a bit of cleaning or decluttering... how's it make you feel?


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