Steps to take to manage bipolar episodes

6 Jan 2019

These are steps that I take when stressful events lead me from a 'normal/balanced' level to a more 'manic' state, due to my bipolar illness. Some of these events have been a parent's major injury, a close friend who has to move out of the USA due to his national origin, a sibling's divorce etc.

What I do:

1) Contact doctors/parent - I contact my psychologist, psychiatrist, my parents and few confidents (in and out of my immediate family circle) to let them know an event is impacting me emotionally.

2) Meds - Have back-up meds to take right away to ensure 8h of Sleep. Sleep is crucial the first night when I learn about the event, since it really helps prevent me from going into a manic state.

3) Support System - I contact a 'Listener', a trusted friend or family member who will listen, calm me down and support me.

4) Slow Down - I also limit social media ie facebook, watching the news on the TV... I usually take a day off from work (the day after I find out about the stressful event) since I do not want to act inappropriately at work while in a potential manic state. I do soothing activities: read a book, do a puzzle, listen to calm music, meditation tapes and eventually go back to yoga class...

What steps do you take to lower your manic state back to a normal/balanced state?


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