Celebrating Freedom

25 Nov 2019

[Lex wrote this blog on Friday 22nd November 2019. Sadly, his Mum passed on the morning of Saturday 23rd November 2019. He wanted us to still publish the blog as a tribute to his Mum. If he doesn't reply to comments, please understand. Our love and best wishes go to Lex and his family at this sad time.]

Which freedoms do you value the most? I'd love to celebrate those with you today. This is an unusual blog for me in that this fresh focus on freedom comes out of a situation where freedoms are being lost. This is creating a fierce contrast and a renewed sense of gratitude for what freedoms I have. So, what's up?

Most of us have faced the loss of a loved one. My turn has come with my Mum now in palliative care. Spending hours by the bedside of this elegant lady, and understanding a little of her fears, I have come to appreciate anew the gifts of freedoms that I have – and Mum still has. Mum still has a freedom of choice and the say in how she wants the next moments to go. I am in awe of the compassion and skill of the palliative team leader, leaving me in no doubt that we are doing exactly what Mum chooses at this time.

Freedom of choice, thus, is way up on the list of freedoms I am grateful for. I would, however, love to see Mum experience freedom from fear. This is where we can make a contribution, adding regular reassurance. Is there someone whose fears you could help reduce today? Could we help reduce your fears?

A practical freedom that is manifestly obvious has been my time freedom. Being able to almost drop everything and travel to Mum's location to spend time with her is something I'm so grateful for. I haven't had to ask permission, and whilst there are consequences from having to drop everything, the freedom to just be with Mum is worth far more.

I am acutely aware that in talking about freedom, this will bring to mind freedoms we Moodscopers wish we had and don't. Let me encourage us all today to shift focus onto celebrating the freedoms we are grateful for.

For this reason, I'm asking you specifically to share the freedoms you choose to be grateful for today. Let's celebrate a list of one of the aspects of life that humans hold most dear: our freedom.


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