26 Sep 2020

We feel the sting

when suffering from a bout

of mental Ill health.

It is toxic and spreads

Throughout our life.

Spoils everything we see

tainting everything we taste

impinging on everything we hear

it is palpable.

We feel the sting

Most acutely

When we self-stigmatize.

There appears to be

nowhere to escape and hide.

It follows us into our refuge

hounding us at every move.

How can we restore

the balance of our emotions

regain our equilibrium?

We can engage in open dialogue

with those with whom

we come into contact.

Perhaps we can broach the topic

of the negative effects of stigma

on our sense of wellbeing.

How their derision

or their apparent avoidance

due to embarrassment

makes us feel

as of no consequence.

We become invisible to many

we fade from our world.

This can be the negative impact

Of stigma on us

from family, friends

and acquaintances.


A Moodscope member.

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