Still Standing

30 Sep 2022

Been kicked around as soon as I came to this nothing town

Then got kicked around for being down about being kicked around.

So yeah, I am done trying to fit in or belong

Don't wanna be accepted by those who just treat others wrong.

Not keen on standing out if only as a beating block

I am solitary, self protecting and I really lett'em talk.

All it takes to be hated is to walk into the room

Let them glare, let them gossip, slander me and assume.

My life goes on, it isn't held up by anyone

This small town toxic drama and I are really done. 

I may look like I am trapped here lack of resources

But don't be fooled by appearances or think there are no recourses.

I would rather be rejected for being me and being real

Than be embraced by local phonies who think they're a big deal.

To say good bye while standing is really quite a feat

But good riddance to the unfortunates I was unfortunate to meet.

One day soon I will blow this popsicle stick landing

Phooey on all those who think I'm not still standing. 


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