Stop, Look and Listen!

10 Jun 2016

I remember, as a child, being on a school trip and hearing that we don't look up enough. It stuck with me from that moment on and every single day I find myself looking up. It's true, when you look up there is a whole different world going on that many people miss.

Often there are amazing pieces of a building that go wholly unnoticed until you lift your eyes. As a teenager, there was a particular café my mum and I would go to... it overlooked a gallery and from there we had the surprising view of statues that were built on the gallery roof. Nobody would ever see them unless they happened to be above the gallery roof level.

I believe changing perspective is a huge healer in our horrible illness. It's powerful and it can be very hard to chase. Sometimes I catch it and sometimes not. Sometimes I catch its tail ends and then lose them again. But it is important to keep chasing it. Sometimes a holiday is the only proper time we get to change our perspective but even physically going up a hill and looking down over the village, town or city can be enough to reshape our thinking.

Another way to change perspective is to listen. Really listen. Name each noise you can hear. We never use our ears enough and yet we have two! If you are incredibly lucky, you may also hear something your body is trying to tell you.

Love from

The room above the garage

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