Strike 3... 4... 5...?

19 Jan 2015

Moodscope Mary recently spoke about Mr Grumpy, Mr Irritable and Mr Touchy coming to (out)stay when hubby was poorly. Normally good-natured, charming and hospitable, hubby was transformed by being unwell. I'm smiling at the initials of Mr Grumpy, Mr Irritable and Mr Touchy: GIT!

I can be such a GIT. And it really doesn't take much. This morning I've had 5 minor irritations within the first hour. Laughing at myself, I observed that I gave the Universe "3 Strikes" before my patience was exhausted for the day. Why 3? Surely that's a choice?

We joke about going back to bed and starting again. Perhaps that's a form of resetting the "3 Strikes" buffer? Whatever it is, it's a strategy. And it is a strategy that won't get me through today - I'm not going back to bed again so soon!

We've all got our limits. The first hour of the morning is "sacred space" for me. It is important that it goes well and that I don't have too many unscheduled or unwelcome inputs. If truth be told, I'd rather not have to deal with another being in that first hour (no people, no cats). But we are not islands.

So, what to do? Today, I have chosen to return to the most fundamental vocation we all share. I choose "choice" - the ability to choose is the vocation of the human gift of consciousness. Today I choose to bend these irritations to my purpose. I choose to bend them to my will!! I will make them serve me. I choose to blog!

In the past I have waved my puny fist against the sky and told the Universe not to mess with me. It always ignores me and continues to mess with me. Let's try another strategy. Take everything that comes and, as Neil Gaiman says, "make good art". (Or choose to keep making art until you get good at it!)

Yours Pugnaciously.

The Other GIT


A Moodscope member.

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